The Law Of Peace
In Defense Of Freedom

In Defense Of Freedom

The attack and threat to our rights and freedoms which has been steadily growing for over many decades have reconfigured the merger between big government and big business. The influence and power given to companies throughout various sectors such as the pharmaceutical industry, power, and energy, the education systems, the banking industry to include and not limited to the mainstream media and their counterparts of social media platforms. All have aimed to override the inalienable right of the American people through a synchronized effort and through the creation of illegitimate legal standings that enable them to seek to protect undisclosed information and nefarious business practices that may prove to be illegal or unlawful. On average, the information they fight to obscure if otherwise known to the general public would not only change how laws and regulations are created but would allow the private citizen to make more conscientious choices in areas such as voting and policy.

However, this democratic ideology has sought to and successfully convinced Americans into subversion by the media’s weaponized use of Anti-American propaganda for the sole use of the overturning of our sovereignty. This reckless move towards the suppression of the first amendment rights of freedom of speech, assembly, and religious expression must be done to eliminate the conscience voice of society within government. They must also eliminate access to honest and factual information and all other opinions that should happen to stand in opposition. This environment has achieved today the creation of a domestic enemy of the people, one of a destructive ideology rooted in communism and which will deny firstly the existence of God and whose force, if left unchallenged, will consume our constitution.

These indefensible and indistinguishable sets of norms have become commonplace and practice in corporate law regardless of the lack of ethos. In doing so they have obtained a leading role in the pursuance and reduction of the governance of the constitution over our nation by becoming the arm of a once shadow government that has now no reason to use discretion to carry out its plan to weaken American international relations, its people and lastly its economy to fulfill the goal of the complete collapse of the United States.

This misrepresentation of statutes and laws through the broadening of the interpretation of the law has transformed America into a corporation-style entity with personified characteristics to limit the liability the government or any new body of government seeking to replace the existing system would have as a political power. These entities consist of an emboldened and openly socialistic faction of the Democratic Party and R.I.N.Os alike, who have both through deliberate misinterpretation of the written law and their passive opposition due to their unwillingness to challenge the provisions granted to them, have not only allowed criminals and their proxies to be sheltered from any accountability but have been complicit alongside agencies and agents throughout various levels of government to oppress the ability for the average citizen to seek and obtain any form of information that depicts any issue in natural and unfiltered light. This manipulation and misrepresentation are aggressive towards our civil liberties in that it seeks to limit the accessibility of legal or provisional recourse compensation or retribution and equal liberty and justice of Americans.

It is right to determine then, that the power of the people, while it may still lay in their hands, has been effectively removed through ignorance. After all, if the system of checks and balances should fail to do its job and those appointed to oversee government have themselves become compromised, who then shall take up the task of oversight? It is evident that what must occur is a divorce of government and business and create new governance that shall either dissolve the powers obtained by the corporate world or separate of its newfound powers by returning unto the people their ability to place upon big government and big business limitations so that neither one nor the other may freely overrule.

It is given unto us, the American people to do our due diligence to investigate the facts, circumstances, and institutions so that we may either remove those in power who fail to represent us or to dismantle the system of governance altogether and appoint those who shall represent the law of the land, not through the manipulation of the law but rather the contextualization and textualization of the law as found in the constitution and in the federalist papers that declare what government should look like. If we fail to do so, then those who seek to change the face of the nation in an image of themselves will have the advantage of perversion of the law.

What we see today in our Nation’s capital serves as an example of the summation of corporate government corruption as much as it is the revival of the royal prerogative rather than a representative republic. This notion that the government may reduce or remove the power from the people stems out of the old system of suspension and dispensation of powers and has little to do with “for the greater good”. Something that has been echoed, although differently articulated by the Democratic Party (especially under the guise of coronavirus) and even by those on the right whose actions resound louder than the pledge to their constituents or their oath of office(which should be met with challenges in cases of inaction or violation thereof). See Massachusetts vs. EPA. The open embracing of communist and socialist views by members of our country’s representation(an opinion contra the standards set by the constitution) throughout the levels of government affirms that they are themselves guilty of rebellion, seditious conspiracy for they are themselves actively advocating the overthrowing of our government.

No, the government may not claim to act on our behalf while actively pursuing and orchestrating our demise and should be confronted at the way it has so boldly acted in the construction of mandates, regulation, and enactment even of policy or executive order to lie about the unconstitutionality of regulation and laws that have been put in place for the protection and preservation of our constitution, sovereignty, and freedoms as a nation from inception.

See [USCO2] 18 USC Ch. 15: Treason, Sedition, and Subversive Activities.

Neither must it continue to seek to splinter both the language of the law and its statutes through frivolous arguments and opinions that lack foresight lest it renders the law ineffective.

We must meet this fight with counter-measure and great consideration; seeking to achieve success and balance without abridgment of liberty.

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