The Law Of Peace
The Fruit Of Tribulation- Page 1

The Fruit Of Tribulation- Page 1

This Thanksgiving saying grace and counting our blessing have come to mean so much. A silent anxiety has made the simple struggles and obstacles of life seem overwhelming. Our lives have been not only interrupted but the world at large has been catapulted into a never-ending chain of tension and revolutions. Yet despite all of this, this year has has also brought us all closer together over the opportunity of reflection of the last few days, months, and even years. Perhaps even allowing us to gain a different perspective on life through self-analysis and the seeking of God’s wisdom in His word regarding the many different situations and circumstances that we now find ourselves in. Undoubtedly we have contemplated the meaning and value of life in light of the fear of losing it to the possibility of an unseen threat or illness. We are taking in the worth of our loved ones with much more significance as we recognize what we might have been taking for granted, learning instead to value and treasure what we should be holding dear to us.

Our human nature has a built in tendency to view the uncertainty about the future and that of our communities with an inclination towards concern. We don’t find the thought of facing situations and obstacles that are out of our control as favorable, in fact for some, the level of fear and anxiety it generates reaches unbearable and unimaginable heights. Even though those affected by the violence and destruction are for the most part in major cities around the world, we all suffer as a whole. We are all affected. As a church and as a body of Christ we must draw from our faith that has the power to bring even those most unexpected together as one. In unity in the common thread of our blessed hope which has the strength of the holy spirit that dwells within each and everyone of us into not only communion with God but effectiveness of prayer.

The spirit of fear has been unleashed into the world through the words of propaganda and manipulation of both facts and people and as we see the things that are occurring we have a natural inclination to ask ourselves where God is in the middle of all of this. There is a true and real struggle to balance the responsibilities to our families whether it may be in providing the essentials of life and protecting our children’s foundation in Christ while we educate them concerning the meaning of the circumstances in our respective countries. Some are finding it difficult to have inner peace, feeling that there is nothing they can do but watch as those who oppose our inalienable rights attempt to bring down our civilizations through the destruction of the fundamental structure of a Godly society. For some time, those in greatest opposition to the gospel of God have set their sights on the holy structure of the headship and of His sovereignty. Distorting the truth of His authority in the challenging of the headship created in His image through the destruction of the unborn and the undoing of the image of the very identity of God in our children through the introduction of the blatant and hollow lies of gender identity, feminism, and ungodly doctrines not only in our public schools but even our churches.

This is not easy, we have been left to place the pieces of our lives and the pieces of what can be perceived as truth together. The difficulty comes from the quick and shocking awakening to the very harsh realities of what the enemies of freedom and God not only have spent so much time to prepare but have, at least to a degree, been successful to put into action. It’s hard to say how this will all end or when it will end. We must, however, come to terms that we may not be able to turn things back, at least not completely to the natural and normal sense of reality that we once knew. At least not on our own strength, what we should know and what we can be sure of is that God, even amidst the turmoil remains at the very top place of all authority. There are no plans or endeavors that they may pursue that will come to fruition unless they are in the will of God himself. That no matter what may come, we are not to lose faith in God nor let our hearts be troubled. There will be many who will disagree with what is written here, but we must not be ignorant to the plans of those who not only plan to destroy society but want to remove the influence of the word of God and His church in the world. We must remain steadfast in the obedience of the word of God through His commandments. Doing what we should have been doing in having what can sometimes be difficult and uncomfortable conversations with loved ones about their relationship with God.

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