The Law Of Peace

The Idolatry In The Modern Church Culture and The Deception Of The Great Falling Away


To come to a complete understanding of the deception in which the world exists. One must begin with building an acquaintance with the presence of the one true God. The devil in the form of sin used the guise of self awareness to introduce independence from God when he deceived Eve,bringing sin into our world at the garden of Eden. It is from there that our propensity for err and sin became a part of our humanity. Adam and Eve, like ourselves were not created for sinfulness and the misconception that we ourselves are prone to sinfulness due to our own animalistic nature is just that.

Lucifer’s desire is to cause pain to those whom the Lord loves to affront God, that through temptation he presents an alluring and attractive ploy to deceive a person to exercise their free will so that he or she chooses sin over that which we have been mandated to do. Free will being the incriminating factor, because we are flawed in our humanity and therefore have a great leaning towards sin. It would then behoove us to deny God’s authoritative word as a means to justify ourselves, to redefine what is acceptable and human. To recreate and deface the terms Christianity or belief and reduce the importance of God by denying him altogether. That is why when we refuse to accept the truth of his existence , we are in fact suggesting that his words are untrue.

Disbelief is perhaps one of the greatest sins we could ever commit against God. A God who knows our inequity and imperfection, who’s standard of perfection is beyond our human reach. Yet it is within the gifts of his mercy and love that we come to discover grace. His patience and his faithfulness. His love for us, of which we are unworthy, becomes the most humbling of revelations in the face of our own flawed humanity to learn that forgiveness is easily granted to those who seek him. Scripture is all encompassing, there is no corner of the life left untouched by its divine literature. Even in the life of the unbeliever, the words of wisdom hold true. Many things are taught and disclosed within it. Something that is a point of contention and argument to a great deal of people in and outside of Christianity. The arguments based on the interpretation have plagued the church. With so much scrutiny in relation to the literal interpretation and that of biblical prophesy. The combative rhetoric surrounding these specific subjects have bedeviled the image of the message of salvation. The delicacy with which we today address the principal declarations of the bible is a disservice of what will be the culmination of everything that is required learning about the existence of God and our fates in his absence. The message becomes eclipsed when we choose to concede and entertain the notion of compromise to the pointless and faceless babble of those who do not understand, not because of their inability but because they refuse to do so. Perhaps it is this cold hardening of heart from a world so filled with broken and spiritually ailing people that instills in those who have yet to know God a disbelief and lack of hope. Hope that grows from faith, faith that grows from belief, belief that grows from acceptance of him. What disparity.

So much so that most churches refuse to teach on subjects considered controversial by contemporary society, making it easier for those outside of the church to refer to bible itself as an other form of mythological literature; damaging further the validity of the biblical writ. How can we stand against the challenges in our lives and survive them without the higher power of God , his protection and divine appointing? The ever unveiling truth of mysteries his word that has withstood millennia despite the efforts of those who oppose it to distort or destroy; yet who’s importance is greatly undervalued and deemed incredulous .

A shared sentiment among those who cannot accept or understand it, is that the ideologies based on the narrative are outdated and therefore have no place in contemporary society or her views. A principle which is continuously growing, from one generation to the next growing further and further away, understanding less and less and finding no answers within their own perceptions. Failing to recognize the emptiness of each of their open ended solutions. This despite their increase of knowledge in academia, they still will to strike out against the God of all knowledge and creator of all wisdom. The procession of time is leading humanity to grow ever so dark and baleful. The hearts of man are evil, giving themselves over to wickedness, earning by their own choosing the wrath of God by appointing themselves the authority of a god. Putting away accountability and fear,creating for themselves a false and descending security of their decadence. With-in this new advent of darkness and denial of Christ, the deception is tightly knit into the fabric of existence, never giving those without knowledge the opportunity to seek him because they are born into spiritual blindness. Doctrines invented by men to suppress each other, they mislead because they are inventions of deceit by the father of lies so that Gods children may become be lost and die in sin.

God is ageless and surpasses theoretical precepts of time and space and when the words of those whom he has spoken through warn of his coming , it is futile to argue to try to prove or disprove with the matter of evidence or to calculate an accurate response as to when that return should happen. It is not for us to know, but when God wills it to be. For us who believe, the task laid before us is to be our brother’s keeper and speak boldly about our faith and remember what the Lord has done for us, so that others may see. Be mindful of placing the meaning unto the fulfillment of scriptural prophecy and acknowledge the season that we are in, without becoming consumed by it. Watching and waiting with pureness of heart and redemption of spirit. In keeping with his statues, commandments and ordinances. With diligent obedience to the knowledge within his words, deliver acts born of faith, reverent fear of his authority and the recognition of his power and mercy. All of humanity should shutter in awe and incredible trembling when acknowledging how they fail him. His truth supersedes all human understanding and his existence is not subject to our opinion.

Faith in the end will be the only saving grace. The faithful are called to his purpose, to serve and love the lord with all of their being in simple obedience. We must remember that the pains we suffer in this world are due in part to our own sinfulness and on the other hand because of the afflictions the devil sets before us to cause us to stumble and veer off the path the Lord has chosen for us. We are not the keepers of our own fates. One of the greatest deceptions is within our own hearts, the seduction of mind and body to love earthly wealth and the security in our understandings. The sufferings of the faithful is great prosecution of spirit, met with bodily death and detriment , that are not luxuries envied by the nonbeliever. The trials that await us in our journey with the lord are not afflictions placed on us because we failed to love him; but because we chose to love him, and in the refusing of the authority of this world.

It will be by his grace that we are saved and shall endure what so ever in this life we must experience . It is important that pray for protection of each other from the enemy of truth, the spirit of rebellion wishes to devour us. We from age to age will face opposition and while not as did the early church we must be aware that many within our churches fight a hard and silent battle. They should not fight alone. We as Christians forget that we are to love our brother and to cause him not to stumble. Know that others around the world are put to their deaths for the name of our God, yet they often fight alone and endure only with love and mercy of the Lord . For them and ourselves shall we lift up prayers for the strengthening of heart. Because we are called to not only profess our love for God but also to take on each others burdens. To be merciful and compassionate, treating all of God’s children with kindness, both to our fellow Christian brethren as well as the non believer so that through our actions they may see in us a reflection of Christ.

The hardships of the Christians as well as the non believer should forever be our burden so as long as the world is en-captured by sin and the demonic forces that drive it. We should present ourselves faithful and knowledgeable unto his service working diligently for the eternal prize to our dying day or until we be delivered at his return. We are not made for this world, but the eternal one where our heavenly father has prepared a place for us. What then shall we say to our father when we refuse to hear the sufferings of our brethren ? After having witness their corruption and sinfulness without bearing witness of his mercy and love?

The words of the Lord are alive and filled with understanding and truth. Yet to those that don’t know him their true meaning and importance will go unrealized. They will fail to fully comprehend because his knowledge will escape them. The time will come however, when our lives and our churches may face prosecution and death. That contrary to the world’s understanding and belief on these things, there will be an end. It must be so because it has been prophesied to be so. Maybe then we will understand the value of the spoken word and the gift of mercy.

The day of his judgment will come and it will not matter when, but how it will find us.

We should all acknowledge his presence and our hearts be filled with fear of his wrath for our disobedience, not only to sin but to the silent response to his calling.

There are those of us who have faltered due to our own human weakness and fear. We have led our brothers and sisters astray or failed to correct our own faults and and did not speak against disbelief. Many among our friends and families exist accepting false doctrines, idolatry , false religions and interpretations of truth. Never having a personal relationship with Yeshua or understanding what it means to be forgiven without condition. Meanwhile, we do and say nothing. It is to the ignored to whom I write this book. To my brothers and sisters in Christ who have yet to come to know him, to those who like myself were raised in a doctrine based on tradition, misconception and idolatry. To the doubtful and the unbelieving. Wake up to your deliverance

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