The Law Of Peace

The Contrast of Biblical Revival Against the Current Age

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The divine order of God is affixed to every single thing. Its importance is often taken for granted or even ignored in a world that has continued to seek its independence from the structure it puts into place. Theologically, God’s divine order is the marriage of the understanding of His reasoning with the intricate work and design of His divine interaction with people. Each individual concept He puts into action is put to work in a perfect momentum and balance to fulfill a function; that being the will of God. We never come preeminently to the full knowledge of His master plan. It is only after having lived and having learned to walk in faith and to trust in these things that the full reward for obedience is manifested.

We must measure what the significance of faith, obedience and love mean according to their biblical definition. Only in applying them within our churches, congregations and families according to what God desires for us will we be able to withstand the circumstances that often destroys a church from within. We are all called to faith, but as we continue in our journeys we may find that we will at times fail to remain strong in faith. The pain we may endure is blinding and often misguiding,and in response when we go through difficulties we often fail to acknowledge and trust Him. Either because of fear of disappointment or even failure we are unable to listen to His voice and guidance. These pressures and hardships are valuable in experience and knowledge, but also in showing us the opportunity for faith to grow. It is by allowing ourselves to be transformed in the spirit that teaches us long suffering and to experience the peace that will later manifest in our actions. It isn’t easy to believe and keep faith, in fact it is easier to get lost in the seemingly “reality” presented to us by this world, where we are forced to contend with that often works against us and aims to destroy that faith.

Many congregations desire to have renewal and revival, but that desire often falls short. In the confusion of most modern ideas that have infiltrated the church today, the idea that believers will not suffer tribulations, of man made revival and the earthly ideal of prosperity are the most prevalent and the most dangerous. In asking for revival we are asking to put ourselves under complete obedience and under trials that test our faith. We ignorantly pray fervently for His return despite what the bible warns about praying for this exact thing.

Amos 5:18

“Woe unto you that desire the day of the LORD! To what end is it for you? The day of the LORD is darkness, and not light.”

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