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The Contrast of Biblical Revival Against the Current Age Page 2

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How could we ever be ready to receive Him? To stand before Him in judgement? Can we be sure that what we believe is what His word teaches or warns against? We must be vigilant.

Part of the great falling away is not the instantaneous lack of faith of humanity, but the slow dismantling and diminutive presence of faith in believers as well as nonbelievers. The ambiguity of the gospel and God’s law and the blurring of the definitive lines between the world and those chosen and set aside by God.

We must learn to differentiate one from the other by arduous study of both historical biblical facts and the Bible writ, remaining of a teachable spirit in prayer. There are several key components in the biblical life of believers. The most important is the committing to remembrance the word of God (from which faith comes and that without the following is unable to be achieved.) Prayer of thanksgiving, prayer of repentance, and prayers of deliverance, the asking for understanding, discernment and wisdom and the great commission. All which require an undivided and unwavering faith and obedience. We must be careful not to lean into “new” gospels or teachings that have no biblical basis, yet have found their way into the congregations of God’s church weakening our faith in Yeshua and placing it instead on man-made ideas and soothsayers.

Our weakness of faith is the most troublesome impediment we face. This is because while we ourselves can exercise our faith, we can do very little on our own strength to grow our faith. Faith and wisdom are gifts from God. It is up to us believe, we could do little to obtain it without God.

Becoming familiar with the word of God not only draws us closer, it gives us insight into the heart of God. From its beginning to its end it is the perfect and complete example of living a surrendered life and the guidance of His will. Which is that we all come to belie in Him and be saved and to live life abundantly. It’s counsel is timeless because there is no area of life that it doesn’t’ touch and fully describe and understand, even by the most modern of examples of life’s difficulties. It will prosper you, meaning that it will bring you to the fulfillment of all your capabilities both spiritual and talents given to you by God to bring honor to His name and to bless you through them.

The struggle to embrace it comes to us in the concept that we must put faith in something other than ourselves, outside of ourselves and human ability and reach into the supernatural realm. Where things are out of our control and where we have little to no say so at all. It draws out from within us the requirement to trust and to utilize our faith blindly without any evidence of what we believe.

This is what the Bible talks about in Hebrews 11:1 where it mentions the following:
“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

We are advised to be still and to listen and to wait for God’s perfect timing and through it the communication of His plans and expectations for us and of us. What does that look like? What are the steps that we must follow in order to achieve it and even expand on it? God promises to never to abandon nor forsake us. We are taught that God is faithful and while we may believe ourselves to be, we often discover our journey unsatisfying and at times fearsome. Our human limitations blind and take from us the perfect opportunity to rest in faith. To let the tribulations of live allow us to grow in faith and in that place find the rest the word talks about. This is the hardest thing to come to terms with and for us to do. The human condition signals us to fear, convinces us that we are alone in our burdens, to distrust and long for constant assurance.

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