The Law Of Peace

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In learning the commandments we understand the spiritual restraints of what operating within the will of God entails. The law of Moses describes the entirety of human sin, denoting our weaknesses of the flesh as well as the importance of the strengthening of our faith. The lack of righteousness on our behalf is perhaps one of the most grievous, therefore we must place aside all pride and shame in humility.

The intricacy of the word of God, although written by God’s inspiration through man, is awesome in never-ending revelation by grace of God and more than abundant in truth and knowledge. There is not one single thing that the human condition is challenged or astonished by that isn’t directly address and answered by the divine word of God.

When we look at the high standards set by our Messiah it can seem almost impossible to achieve, but we must not become discouraged. We serve a powerful and merciful God, that although may have high expectations of His children, will not abandon us to suffer alone or that we may be without knowledge or guidance.

The entirety of the bible is historical record of the continual building up and chastisement of a nation. His beloved chosen, whom while having been given ample opportunity to serve God in righteousness, have continually gone astray. We as modern believers are no different but rejoice for our God is the God of mercy and justice who endures forever.

As we take a closer look into every single commandment, we will analyze sections of the bible, that although the whole bible bears witness to God , these sections will help those who are new to faith or wish to grow in faith the foundations of it. Among them, the temptation of Christ and the beatitudes because they tend to single out for us our areas in which we fail and must first come to realize our errors and what the bible says regarding not only faith and trust, but the knowledge of Gods word as it pertains to the transformation of our inner man and the spiritual battle we must all face as followers and believers of our Messiah. They also give us a very good example of the Character and personality of Christ. This is only a partial glimpse at many of the things that God teaches us and as we go through it together we will find how they interlock and in fact come full circle all leading to the blessings of the book of Revelation and why these things which we hold dear are in fact what we must learn and teach our children so that in the future those who will be present during the time of Jacob’s trouble may know how to pray and trust in God, that they may be delivered and restored again to the father.

As we proceed though the Ezra Book Project we will be addressing the following areas of study.

  1. The Commandments( The Law)
  2. Obedience and Faith
  3. The calling of Abraham, Moses, Ezra, Nehemiah
  4. The 40 day Fast of Christ, The fast that God approves of
  5. The temptation of Christ
  6. The beatitudes
  7. The way we should pray and the Lords Prayer
  8. Spiritual warfare and the full armor of God.
  9. The prayer of a righteousness man
  10. The forgiveness and deliverance that God provides
  11. The importance of continuing this in younger generation
  12. The role of the saints in the last days.

Father, we who believe thank you and praise your holy name. We thank you for the gifts of grace and mercy and your never-ending faithfulness.

You who are all knowing and all powerful, we come to you and bow our heads in humility and poorness of spirit and of rented hearts. Oh son of David, be merciful unto us that we may be counted worthy of your forgiveness. That the presence of the Holy Spirit, which you have said will be with in us continually shall never depart from us, instead lead us in all knowledge and understanding. Father, we pray that you preserve us through the forgiveness of our sins and that our faith never waiver, strengthen us O Lord and give us courage to do your will. For your grace is enough, that no matter our circumstances you are faithful to deliver us and even sustain us through the impossible for we are in the right hand of the Father. We come to you through the assurance of your promise that whatsoever we shall ask in the name of Yeshua it shall be given unto us through faith, for the fulfillment of your will and your will for our lives.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


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