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Inroduction-The Vatican Agenda and Religious Deception

The Vatican Agenda and Religious Deception

Historically, the Roman Catholic Church came into existence due to Constantine’s idea to unite and strengthen the Roman Empire under one single religion. Unifying the Roman empire was critical for its future. This could only be achieved through a commonality in the populous. One identity, one purpose that could tie everyone together in understanding. The early church at the time of Constantine, became defaced and transformed into a rule of man. The fact that the Christian church in Rome had grown in popularity and in authority among the peasantry is one of the things that motivated Constantine to accept Christianity, but not in its pure form. Rome had always been accepting towards multiculturalism and polytheism, in the world of the Roman Empire multiculturalism had become the vehicle in which a world empire could thrive and paganism would infiltrate God’s church. Solidifying the people under the new world order of the day, Roman Catholicism.

Its important to understand that although the Holy Roman Empire has died in name, the spirit of it struggles to survive by those within the walls of the Vatican City. The popes that have lead the Vatican has always counted on its influence over monarchies and governments to sway the general public’s opinion on its validity and intentions in the political world, both as a world government and as a religious authority. The sentiment of one identity, multiculturalism and one singular purpose still resounds today. It is this power that many sought after within the Holy Roman Empire, an institution that was never created for or based on the belief or faith in God; but instead created for domination of its rivals and the political unification of an empire on its knees and on the verge of demise.

It is imperative to be fully aware of events in the past that may serve as precursors of future patterns of activity and indicators of what one could expect. The manipulation of information and use of deception are effective methods devised by Rome during the dark and middle ages to control the way the masses thought and how much power over the their lives they would be able to exert in order to instill the obedience and influence they strive for. Something that has proven itself true even today.

The reach of the Vatican and its Roman Catholic Churches over the centuries has expanded all around the world, furthering its advancement as a governing power while deceiving millions into believing their idolatrous doctrine is the result of divine inspiration. If we were to look at the expansion of the Roman Catholic Church on a world map and acknowledge its identity as a sovereign nation rather than a religion, it would be easy to see that it has conquered most of it. When compared to the Roman Empire that preexisted it, Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan and Hitler respectively, its presence on the worldwide scale when represented in land mass through the existence of its embassies supersedes them all. The hands of the Vatican are stained with blood, throughout the crusades, inquisitions, the martyrs, the innocent lives it has destroyed along the way and to some extend the holocaust.

Proving the corruption of the Vatican and its many churches has been difficult, mainly because there is many within the church that believe they are truly devoted to doing Christ’s work. While there has always been hundred if not thousands of well meaning and God loving individuals, there has also been an element of unscrupulousness working in tandem beneath the surface. It is difficult to pin point where in the chain of command the unscrupulous individuals may be found, especially since there seems to be a great deal of effort to conceal the deeds of those who commit atrocities. Something that has always existed from its conception. Knowledge is critical to the Vatican , it has been both a seeker of knowledge and information. Its library houses manuscripts that are not open to the public. It guards understanding in secrecy, extending for miles. The Vatican and its churches has also kept meticulous records over the centuries of everything that has ever occurred and anyone and anything that it has entered into contract with; as well every correspondence. Every record of event in history and history of the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church is found there. Although because it is a sovereign nation, it cannot be forced to disclose its records. It cannot be compelled to handover its documents or any copies held by embassies worldwide.

There is yet to be one single nation, one single organization that has not entered into a secret contract with the Vatican in one form or an other. It is important to point out that the Vatican remains selectively vocal and is “riding the fence’ on issues that it hasn’t either gauge or is methodically and calculatingly still measuring. Cannon Law was never created to protect anyone other than those within the Holy See and to hold in accountability those who swear allegiance. there is no ethical rule that the Vatican has not broken and protected under political immunity.

Indeed the battle for your mind and soul is being fought right before your eyes.

We are perhaps witnessing the arriving era of the re-risen Holy Roman Empire. What new commonality is there for unification? Acceptance.

The new era of the church marked by the arrival of pope Francis seems to signal a rebirth of the Roman Catholic Church. The era of the church’s mercy. Pope Francis has pointed out that amidst the problems and scandals of the church paired with recent events as well as those illustrated throughout history were to be recognized and that a new and more accepting church had to emerge. Taking a more understanding and humanistic approach by not passing judgment on the critical issues of the modern world that have always separated the church from those who have suffered a great injustice by society, namely the homosexuals and pro abortionist as well as inclusion of members from the Muslim community. This inclusion is going as far as claiming that Catholicism and Islam share common ground in their religious writ. While the Q’uran and the Bible remain as opposite from each other as night and day, the Pope isn’t all together incorrect on the issue. After careful examination all the details and practices of the Catholic Church it will become apparent that it is hardly a Christian church at all. All of this is shocking to traditional and conservative Roman Catholics and to all Catholics.

This new era does not separate the church from the corruption it claims to be abolishing. It takes them further into disobedience of the Biblical narrative. Never in the history of the Vatican has there ever been a pure and authentic Church or faith. The bible, that while itself has never been denied to the parishioner, has had a very limited study of and or understood by the general body of what makes up the church itself.

While celibacy has been the standard dictated by the Vatican as the means to draw optimal dedication to God himself, they are contributing to the problems surrounding the sexual abuse of children and young adults at the hands of sexually deprived straight and gay men. The depravity itself is yet another form of manipulation and obedience that the Vatican itself has imposed upon the clergy of the Roman Catholic Church and its congregational body.

This is where the difficulty begins, where does one acknowledge the Vatican and its authority and is it valid to those who do not live in Rome? It is of vital importance for not only the Roman Catholics but Catholics of the world to understand, that the Vatican is indeed a small nation of its own and has its own highly established government. The living headship of the Roman Empire is very much alive in today’s world. They have no viable queen to produce heirs that it can marry away which could bind them to other countries and monarchies as it did in the early days of its rule, however ties still exist to those families and it continues to draws in other rich and wealthy families into its ranks by financial exchanges and acceptance of their own sons and daughters into the priesthood and or sisterhood. The Vatican through the use of its Roman Catholic extensions surrounds itself with the rich and powerful in a pursuit for greater power and authority worldwide. It remains the only monarchy in the world with no relinquished power or unchallenged authority.

It can only have power over the subject representatives that it has stationed around the world, (namely the priest, bishops, cardinals and nuns) not the congregation itself. Roman Catholics around the world are not citizens of Rome and have no rights in the eyes of the Cannon judicial system, likewise she has no authority over them. This is especially true of American citizens who cannot swear allegiance to any other governmental entity, but the control and power that they have been able to extort has been under the guise of God, demanding loyalty and obedience. Which in and of itself is not to God but to Rome. Although to Catholics themselves, The Roman Catholic Church is a representative of God himself and there fore the supreme authority of faith.

The Vatican has indeed been extending its presence and knowledge; and despite claims by those who serve as spokespersons for the Vatican and the Pope himself, are very much involved in the political arena of the day. It is in this area where the lines get blurry and it is beneficial for the Vatican to be recognized as a religious entity and authority. From its beginnings however, the Holy Roman Empire and the Vatican has been behind major political influences. It is its own nation, and expresses supreme power and authority; something it continues to assert even today.

The promise of a better understanding between the church and its followers sound idealistic , but to those who have watched the Vatican ignore and continue to defend those within its ranks who committed crimes against its most vulnerable(children and women) and hidden its prowess for power and authority , its financial greed and the obstruction of justice and involvement in war crimes and defending criminals of war. This is just another smokescreen. If you were to examine it from a biblical and theological standpoint, the existence of such eminent wealth and power within a church institution should not exist. From that viewpoint everything about the doctrine concerning the how much control the Vatican can exert over the congregations should be non existent. The rule of man ideology that it operates under is perhaps the most corrupt when it comes to the religious aspect. But because the Vatican however is not a church but a monarchy that has since the initial stages been established for the advancement of its members.

The pope is the ultimate power in this hierarchy, beneath him are archbishops, bishops cardinal and priest. Those who are involved in selecting who is to become pope evaluate among the chosen to select a person who they either believe will be of like mind and understanding or who will at least be willing to remain true and betray not only God( who really has nothing to do with Catholicism) but his own convictions of truth and honor. The reason for its suffocating ways in doctrine and operation has nothing to do with serving God, rather to continue to generate faithful and obedient followers to continue on their traditions. The root of the corruption in Rome, like any other government or dynasty has and will always be one of wealth and power. Most of the cases that have tarnished the reputation and jeopardize the existence of the Roman Catholic Church and not so much the Vatican itself have either been the abuse of power and authority in the form of sexual abuse of most notably and although not limited to children, but of women and in some cases men and the misappropriation of funds. The later has been an unspoken and believed concept by many critics of the Catholic Church , but until now have had very little to go on. Throughout history this has always been a sore spot for the Vatican because it always has generated a great distrust even among the parishioners themselves. Of course in earlier times such as the middle ages obedience was much more common place because the populace was uneducated or nave in their beliefs. The indoctrination remain however, which is the second most powerful tool that the Vatican and its Roman Catholic churches can take advantage of

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