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While we have all been indoors as we were advised to do by persons in a position of authority, whether they may be doctors, local politicians, etc, here is what the Satanic Temple has been doing right under the noses of Americans. Most importantly these things have been either implemented or attempted to be without the knowledge of parents.

One of the first things I will mention is the Protect Children Project. This specifically targets a very vulnerable age group of children that range between elementary students and teenage years, where they are already beginning to try to buck the system and test boundaries with their parents. What’s very interesting here is that they place their focus on the kind of children who already on the fringes of the H.S or Jr. High experience, the misfits, and those who are at a social disadvantage. They pick up the kids who no one wants to deal with and put into them the seed of evil. They open the doors of the satanic temple to these children under the guise of acceptance. This is the area in which the church really needs to wake up. This is what was entrusted to us by God, primarily as parents. We will be held to a higher standard than the world and our lack of parental guidance will be judge by the Lord.

The enemy knows this, this is why he has taken the time to craft something like this. The article addresses the possibility of corporal punishment in the school system, for years many of us 35 years and older, we all went to schools where this was commonplace, we made our mistakes, took our punishment, and moved on, but it instilled in us a discipline that we were to obey the rules and to get along with one another.
This is the type of experience that the satanic temple has begun to undermind. It goes on to say that if you experience these things at school you are welcome to become a member of the satanic temple and they will help you get rid of the problem. Whether or not they have met with any success in this area, we cannot fail to recognize that since the initial shock tactic they embarked on with the afterschool satanic club, they have been slowly but steadily working on better ways to infiltrate the schools and to get children, but most importantly the child that isn’t loved at home, or even the Christian child who is not being properly guided.

Further in the article, information is added on how to get their “assistance” and even advises parents not to interfere with the child’s religious choices or beliefs.

You can see that in the following clips, the satanic temple has really crafted their approach. A few years back this website looked into the strategies the satanic temple was looking at. They all involved children, the feminist movement, LBTQ and BLM.

For anyone not familiar with these devil worshiping groups, this information should be alarming to all of us. Children are one of the things God holds dear to Him; and the killing of the innocent is among the things he hates.

So why are the satanist taking an interest in your children? Despite what many have claimed over the last 25 years after the satanic abuse “scare” of the late ’70s and ’80s to be a hoax, there are large amounts of evidence that proves to the contrary.

The fact that they are openly advocating for children is truly distressing in that these children are often groomed and sexually abused by pedophiles and satanist which have a great deal of commonality between them. The age groups of the children targeted by the protect children project are also in the right category of children who are more than likely to have younger siblings whom the satanist may be able to manipulate with much more ease.

Then you have to take into consideration the number of children within this age range who may be struggling with gender identity issues and who are because of their fragile emotional state looking for acceptance. Either way, this is potentially a very dangerous ground for the American family, especially those from Christian homes. The public education system relies on being able to institute children by severing the familial bonds of parents and children, this added influence can only add more detrimental effects.

A good example is a story about a group of seventh graders who voted to have the satanic temple’s tenets posted on their wall at school. First of all, there is no way a group of seventh-graders is well-read enough to know about the existence of such an idea much less tell you what they mean and represent without being instructed by either their parents, teacher, or spiritual leader.

At a time when most adults can’t tell you what all Ten Commandments are, this seems highly suspicious. Prayer for the most part isn’t allowed in schools, well, at least not to the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. An interesting fact surrounding that story is that the satanic temple recently located its headquarters to Salem, Massachusetts from California. A mere 24 miles north and only 49 min. away from Cambridge, Ma. Salem’s own history with the occult includes the Salem witch trials and is the home to the largest Wija board.

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