The Law Of Peace

Be as Ezra pg. 2

We are kept safe by dwelling in this secret place of the Most High. In the enveloping of ourselves in the knowledge of God, the truth of his word and obedience, even unto our deaths. For many the words” even unto our deaths” may sound exaggerated and while it might seem far removed from us that we should experience persecution for our faith in God and His word , there is a growing opposition to the freedom we share as believers and to the message of our salvation. There are non oppressed under the true word of God. That accusatory message is easily debunked in the careful analysis of historical fact and distinction between the man-made “church” and what the biblical writ describes and determines to be His church. This must be said so that those who are not aware of the great distinction may come
Amongst our problems that seem to have no earthly solutions or circumstances such as loneliness , when it is human to want to latch on to others or the familiarity of things. To continue to live through moments of solitude and pain with the truth that in our continual obedience we have nothing to fear. Never attempting to find an easy way out of our problems because we can find and create our own escape, but it will not be the sure solution. At times it may be to our own detriment because we seek fulfillment in the things not seated in Him , but the reassurance of the flesh and the security they lend is neither perfect nor precise. As women our feelings may be used against us in a multitude of ways the way Eve was tempted a
Quite a distinct difference than the promises of long life and peace given to us by God, not that we should be spared of all suffering ,but be given the strength to endure. It is during our challenges that we must seek him and believe, allowing our faith to combat the desire of the flesh to be weak and to be discouraged. There is a beauty to long suffering when accompanied by faith. When we enter into His mercy through submission. His secret place is the place where we witness His power and is a place of comfort, that when we rest there, He is the comfort in all our troubles. This is a part of what the law was created for, not to simply condemn us. We see because we trust and have hope, as the bible says in Hebrews 11:1

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

We hold on to our blessed hope and salvation, which is our Messiah.
Where does this fit in the re-learning the Commandments? Because He is the completion and fulfillment of the law. When we hear John describe Yeshua he makes references to Him as being the word who was since the beginning and was with God, indeed was God. That the life could be found to be in Him and the light of man. Depicting the darkness as everything outside of this encounter with Him.
In analyzing the Hebrew description of light, we understand that light is a containment, an application of order and something that holds things in order by giving it structure. We know that our God is a God of order and so the description would be accurate in describing the law; which places the order of God upon His people to contain them from err and sin, harnessing them within a structure of His commandments. The will of God for His people.

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