The Law Of Peace
A World On The Edge Of Judgement-Page2

A World On The Edge Of Judgement-Page2

Undoubtedly with the progression of time and of society, through their nature as styled after the nature
of the world; the devil has uprooted to a great extent any desire to meet the covenantal requirement
from even within God’s people through the weakness of the flesh and mind. Distorting the significance
of God’s statutes and their applicability to our modern lives. This more than the mere separation from
the traditional and the conventional. It is a separation from under the authority and protection of our
divine headship.
While judgment comes upon the children of God for their disobedience, constant disobedience of his
commandments and statues will be met with His wrath.
This particular passage of scripture describes the moral and personal characteristics of people as we
draw closer to the time of His return. When we look around at the way people interact with each other
and their views on what they believe is their right to choose; we can begin to understand that these
particular characteristics have been expressing themselves more and more. Some of these same
patterns of behavior and detachment is what God’s people exhibited each time they abandoned Him,
their identities, and His statutes. Relying instead on their own limited strengths and wisdom. When we
look at the book of Matthew, most notably chapter 24; the Bible also describes a falling away of God’s
church in the time leading up to the tribulation and the love of many waxing colds. The selfishness that
has been engulfing most if not all of our decisions and the way in which we treat each other is a
manifestation of our empty faith. While we are not saved by our actions, our faith is dead without
works of compassion for each other. Not that they are a requirement for salvation, but a commandment
given to us by Christ himself who said we should love each other.
If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom
he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?
1John 4:20
This is in and of itself a form of disobedience to our father. How then, could we say we are obedient
if we turn each other away and ignore each other’s burdens. How could we destroy others through our
actions and the words of our mouth?
Have we not been given love in our moments of despair and loneliness?
The establishment of personal relationships determines our outlook, especially the one with Christ.
The way in which these relationships are fostered is equally as important.

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