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The New Era — A Description

The New Era — A Description

The millennial generation is one of the most demonized. Thought of as trivial and superficial.  Never taken into consideration are their fears, hopes, and even wonderment about life and the world around them. They are a seemingly unreachable generation, so closed off into their nervous agitation for the world. Many parents of this generation fear that their own son or daughter will be taken in by the world with little or absolutely no understanding of the knowledge of God. Especially as the Christian culture and values of the nation seem to be dwindling, and the Church is offering little in the way of answers or even comfort to its parishioners in regards to facing the times that we are currently living in. It’s almost as if the Churches have gone silent on the full Biblical writ. Choosing to focus instead on the gentle messages of love and hope, disregarding altogether the examples of tribulation featured in the Bible as an ultimate example of what hope looks like in these last generations. More importantly, they are failing to prepare future generations for their time of testing.

The trials of the teenage years have become a perilous sea of misunderstandings, miscommunication and for parents, the ever frustrating realization that the child you thought you knew so well has grown before your eyes and in its place is a stranger, armed with thoughts and opinions of their own. These thoughts and opinions, however, mistaken they maybe are the beginnings of their journey to their own personal encounter with Christ. As parents, we all hope that our children may be spared from the difficulties of the world. From the long term implications of sin in their personal lives to the sorrows that the world is filled with.

As parents of children or adolescents, there is an automatic knee-jerk reaction to the things that they say or do when they are less than what we hoped for. The difficulties we face as parents do not actually minimize with age. Their peers and the different environments they encounter will impact their personalities as they learn who they are. The most terrifying aspect of this phase in the life of any parent, especially Christian parents, is not knowing. This anxiety is sometimes greater when the child leaves the home or is not exactly on the right path. The silent moments where you are left with concern and doubt about the choices he or she is making and the questioning of your abilities as parents and teachers of the truth and knowledge of God.

Remembering back to our generations, the trends and ideologies, the cultural, ethical, and moral standards of the day held our lives in place; there is a certain and distinct difference today. There is no doubt that our nation is facing a moral decline and while we may be teaching them the good, there is certainly a broader world of influence outside our doors. It can be said without any hesitation that they face much more difficult choices than we did and that their walk is a lot harder than ours. Never has there been such a large array of distractions in the way of current young generations.   A much-noted difference is the  respect for moral and ethical values in our generations, that even those who did not adhere to the more conventional norms, still  respected the choices of those who did.

So much of their world today does consist of the superficiality of the mind and body often downplaying the worth of both intellect and physical purity and respect.  The artificial world from the imaginations of many creators and designers of technology which have blurred the lines of understanding for our youth. The physical world is mere existence, and for some, their identities on the internet and the social pariahs that introduce the modern trends are perceived as a connection to the outside world, and even as a truth. These new generations of children are highly susceptible to the deception that is being handed out by a very liberal and globalist society that has appeared almost out of nowhere to many.

Complicating things further still, the lack of bonds between parents and children is quickly dissolving due to many other factors such as divorce, parental absence, or even alienation. Leaving many children and adolescents at the mercy of their peers and social media outlets for the guidance that they should be receiving at home. A situation created by the necessity for both parents to work out of the home and busy life schedules as well. The belief that social media is a predominantly positive experience is false.

Social media creates a much-welcomed escape from hard work and school at the price of the experiences of life. Creating computer-animated, custom made worlds and friends; while hindering real friendships and relationships of friends and family.

The disconnect goes beyond the home into the psychological. It includes a world that would not otherwise exist outside of the use of computer and smartphone devices. For some, the over-stimulation of sensory perception only weakens their ability to use their mental capacities to their full ability. They are less likely to concentrate and absorb information and less likely to retain it due to the easy accessibility of information on the internet.

The danger itself is not the addiction to the technological advances of today, but rather the information that is being misinterpreted for truth and understanding. That all the superficial and instant forms of gratification are actually forms of happiness and knowledge. This is especially true when introduced at early ages with little monitoring or limiting accessibility as most of the millennial generation have; with absolutely nothing in the real world to compare it to.

While the creators of the Internet have given us the ability to research material with increased speed, therefore increasing our knowledge of the world around us. It has also come to introduce the worst of the world’s ills and because of the lack of discernment of youth, they are at great risk of deception than previous generations.

The one thing that millennials are unfortunately unaware of is the enormous deception that is toppling the world around them and what that truly signifies. This particular age group is already at a disadvantage when it comes to allowing themselves to be given instruction. Their willingness to take control of their lives over pours out onto other areas of their lives. We must make sure to secure their footing in the word of God and lead them to the recognition of Christ. I say recognition, because acceptance, true acceptance is a calling and not something that can be done for them. This is very painful, especially as parents to hear. From their early childhood, we have instilled in them a sterile view on Biblical matters. While it may seem like a great way to introduce Jesus into the lives of our children, acknowledge that as they get older they must become aware of the full translation. As they are growing older we want them to maintain that innocence and dedication in their hearts, but the world is in direct contrast to those childhood lessons of faith. Therefore, with slow, careful ease introduce segments on important and perhaps not so easy topics that the Bible addresses.

Few will remain un-phased and they are the exception but do not convince yourselves that they will not be met with adult size challenges at their age or that you have failed when they do. If they hear the word of God spoken in their homes and listen to the sermons of their youth pastors, there will be a fragment of information that will remain, even though these tumultuous times of youth. There is no need to insult their intelligence. What they do not openly acknowledge, they will remember in the dark moments that they all face from time to time. No one is impervious to failure, because we are all sinful.

Teach the importance of virtues and try to present examples of these things in your own lives.

Morality is certainly an area of great concern. The Bible and the world have distant and opposite views of where the boundaries should be set. Still, if they can see know what each of those means, there is a good chance that they will incorporate it into their own lives. Prayer and the openness of it are critical. Communication in every aspect of their life is, but none as important as their communication with God.

The beauty of youth is not their strength and physical attractiveness, it is their resilience and their adaptability. They are bold and unafraid. So unaware of their limitations and even their weaknesses. In truth, this is really an insight into the insecurities of life.

This is why when you are quick to point out their flaws they more than often will turn to their friends

because in their doubt they remain hopeful. This indicative of their search for answers and truth, something that the Bible has plenty of.

Admire their strengths and encourage their abilities of intellect and capacities for knowledge and understanding, especially those rooted in Biblical truth. The young may not identify what true love looks like in the natural, but they love passionately and deeply, and introducing them to the love of God is essential. Their zest for life is all that they know. While they may stray off their path, be sure that God will use even their darkest moments to draw them close. This is where God has more control over the situation than we do. That does not mean that we do not continue to teach, we are held responsible for our position, but rather acknowledge how much of the responsibility is actually yours. God loves all his children and he will correct them and discipline those he loves.

Pray for your children, they need your support in every way. Be understanding and without judgment, encourage their love for God while still standing firm in your faith.

If you are taking the time to read this newsletter, I want to thank you personally for your interest and hope that you will find some kindling for your love for Christ.

The State of the World and the Establishment of the One World Order

The millennial generation is perhaps the most targeted. You have faced a multitude of scenarios that have not existed in quite the same way for others. Your generation is witnessing a dramatic change in the cultural and global environment. The magnitude of some of the challenges that your generation will face has not been felt for over 70 years. The patterns of events concerning the Christian faith, politics, and government serve as indicators that the environment both here in this country and around the world will only continue to decline.

Civil unrest in Europe concerning immigration, social politics, and the Islamization of the continent are laying waste to both populations and countries. Christian persecution is becoming commonplace as the continent’s native population marvels in fear as to why their governments are not doing anything to fix the problem. Young men and women of your very age are faced with the great threat and probability of being brutally and physically assaulted and raped as they walk to and from any destination. If you think that these issues are so distant that they won’t affect you, you’re simply misinformed and completely unprepared.

The young men and women of Europe are learning what it is like to lose every freedom they enjoyed under the introduction of a tyrannical heavy hand of Islam on their own soil. They are watching as their countries and countrymen are literally bloodied at the hands of Muslim immigrants. These events are only at their beginnings and they are already proving themselves to be more than anyone population can bear.

Still, this and much more is to be expected. Many theologians have been observing these trends and many fellow Christian as well that seem to be convinced that this is just a stepping stone to the coming tribulation or time of Jacob’s trouble.

Certain things in the Bible seem to not only indicate this but perhaps even lend more credibility to the events occurring globally. Furthermore, if what we are indeed witnessing is in fact the beginning of what the Bible predicts will happen in the end times, this could be the setup for the revealing of the anti-Christ. We are already seeing civil unrest, the Middle East has been steadily embroiled in modern conflict as early as 1990 to the present time.

Now more than at any other time in the world’s history is the reality of countries destroying one another through the use of nuclear technology present a very real possibility.

Clearly no one wants war and no one set of people want to endure the aftermath of such a catastrophic event such as nuclear war. Understand that the time is shifting into a new era of unrest in the world.

More than ever before, there is a great concern focused on the world markets and global economic scales. There is a great deal of information regarding current events that the world is filtering out, things that people will never know or hear about, but many are certainly experiencing.

There is a great deal of economic distress, so much so that it has created a famine in areas of Africa and South America, unlike anything the world has ever seen.

There is a great deal of importance and relevance to historical fact and Biblical theology. It won’t be posted on social media or announced on any major network. These facts are continuously being met with a great deal of censorship and if lost, it would be a great impediment to the human race. You must understand that there is for certain a movement to destroy the credibility of the Bible and modification of historical fact. To silence those who speak the

truth and those who believe it.

Here in America, we are very blessed to be spared from the situations being presented in Europe, Africa, and South America. There is certainly globalist rhetoric that seems to be emanating from a great majority of the other nations. There is also a great deal of concealment and distraction in areas of news and social media. Therefore we must pay close attention to the events that are taking place. Our nation is not impenetrable. Much of the small outburst of social unrest is not coincidental but rather a series of staged events. While there have been incidences of Muslim immigrants breaking the law, little is being done to expose it nationally.

There are currently young Muslim activist who is also blinded to the truth of Islam who are openly calling for political Jihad in America and still the news outlets and social media has little to expound on these matters.

The world of today thrives of the ignorance of people. It aims to destroy the confidence of all peoples by denying them their own identities, their own culture and system of belief. This is closely associated with what the Bible describes as a one-world government. This is the world that awaits your generation and those that follow.

To complicate matters, the struggles of growing into adulthood have become much more difficult in the sense that you are not being informed by the world around you on the subjects that truly matter. The entire story of where both our society and the world is going is not what we see or hear on media outlets. There is a conspiracy of silence against a vast spread of peoples and the integrity and responsibility of truth has almost entirely ceased to exist.

Understand that the world that you know as your reality has not existed beyond a mere twenty- five years ago. All the technological advances that you have been so voraciously accustomed to are being used in the capacity of thought and are in fact designed to manipulate and sway your opinion and formulate your thinking. These are viewed differently by older generations who understand the basis and motivation as a distraction because it is.

Fixations on social media such as trending and hash-tagging can be found in other incongruous areas such as the general media, and even government. While there were no initial boundaries or filtering processes for information; censorship of facts or even opinions that are contrary to anything resembling liberal or even globalist in theory has escalated in light of the ownership of the Internet was given over to the United Nations.
Researching “Information” in the modern Internet for now anyway seems to be minimally inhibited. One must be aware, however, that agencies who patrol the Internet are looking at silencing conservative and Christian voices.

But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

Daniel 12:4

The Age of information in which many of you connect with and have grafted into your identities is a fulfillment of prophecy. As a direct result of the development of the Internet, there has certainly been an explosion of information and technological advances in the past quarter-century. It is also one of the most destructive forces that has ever been created. With the potential to be utilized for the accomplishment of great feats, it has also become an emissary of a multitude of compulsions and the ill habits of others. The phenomena of the social media experiment is a non-stop procession of useless information floating on the surface of a sea of narcissism and shallow expectations. Often based on opinion and “feeling”, which are neither proven nor can they be considered reliable, because they are susceptible to change at any moment and for any reason.

This is not to say that there isn’t a wealth of true knowledge on the internet at all, simply that, that information is not the more popular and sought after. This synthetic environment bears little resemblance to that of older generations. Their source for experiences and understanding of the world around them was not supplied to them, it had to be sought after and it often took time to get what you wanted to know. Where you obtain knowledge and understanding is conducive to the direction you will take in life. The social media offers very little in the way of understanding and even less on how to establish a sound foundation for life. This is why as Christians we should spend time in the word of God. The knowledge of the world, especially today , is limited. While there many in the past who sought out the truth, they themselves were limited to what they could convey to the general public. This bias has had a tremendous and altering effect on how America has and continues to view the world.

It has shielded its people from the harsh realities of what military campaigns have created but has also deceived many into not being able to distinguish the severity of these global social-economic strongholds that have enveloped the entire world.

As these things have been happening a great number of political and influential people have gained interest in the corporations who host the media and who have become more and more liberal and more and more aggressive towards the Christian faith. Without any real certainty of what the truth actually is; or what it even means; they aim to discredit or downplay the significance of key elements of society such as family and God. Most of what is done is to the benefit of those who are either actively engaged in these events or those who try to conceal information.

Because so much of today’s society is taken up by social media, it doesn’t even seem to acknowledge the subtlety in which the world is creeping into the last age. The concept of fake news has graduated to a global phenomenon and is ironically taking part in the establishment of an era of deception in the time of widespread knowledge. Those of you in your generation who are in the church must remember to seek the truth as what the truth actually represents and signifies.

This is not speculative, on the contrary, it is very much a part of the enigma of those who remain watchful and unaffected. They watch with bewilderment as things unfold in real-time. A disturbing version of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, being played out on the real-life stage. As the world continues to deceive many into accepting their new reality.

The social media experiment has robbed the younger generations of their full potential of expression and the development of independent thought. Without even realizing it, you are being programmed into believing what they want you to believe and into doing things that will benefit their agendas for society, instead of you living your life. There is a battle for the mind of youth around the world. Fresh young minds are being programmed for the opposition to social and Biblical views in the battle for control. Your mind is that battlefield and in winning you over then coming closer to the fulfillment of one-world order.

When you look at the world around you, and you see those engaged in the technological infatuation of the day, they have sealed themselves off from experiencing not only all tactile things but also the depths of the emotional and spiritual realms. They are in a sense preparing you for the new world and teaching you how to assume your place within it, by limiting the truth and bringing you into their understanding. This is the knowledge of the world; which the word of God so articulately warns about.

It doesn’t end at the amount of false or even useless information that they are feeding young minds, they also want to demoralize and even isolate you from others who can lead you to the truth.

By creating an indulgence in the artificial world of technology they are minimizing the need for human contact and human relationships.
There is an unnatural detachment that is occurring to many, and not only to your generation but a wide range of people. They are communicating less and less. The bonds there are forming, if at all may not survive in the vacuum of the drastic need for human connection., validation, or even approval. Its ability to desensitize both the young and old, has created many morally dangerous opportunities.

Social media has become a place where many children and adolescents fall prey to pedophiles, where marriages fail because of either pornography or even dating sites aimed at married individuals, such as Ashley Madison. It also has given a broader platform for groups such as the Church of Satan and even ISIL.

The images you see on the Internet are graphic and unrealistic. They have a great propensity to create dissatisfaction in the natural world. The male gender, if ever there is still an existence of one, will be faced with the synthetic appearance of what womanhood is supposed to look like. The vanity of the physical world has stepped it up a notch. There is no need to pursue the other gender if the adventure and even sexual experiences can be achieved in a fabricated world.

There is then created a desire in young men to forgo the development of anyone’s relationship. It dehumanizes women and girls, making them less like people and more like objects to be utilized at the discretion of young men.

These things have existed also before the age of the internet and social media, however, they were still brought about more naturally. This is not to say that the men who acted in this way were at all correct or even that it was their natural right to do so.

God is very specific about his plans for men and women, marriage, and family. Not because they are meant to deprive you of the freedom of enjoying sex or life, but because sex was created for marriage. To bring about family and new life, something that is a part of God’s plan.

Likewise, young women and girls are introduced to images of other women and girls who are either deemed prettier or more attractive in any faculty other than their own. This is done with little understanding that these same women and girls and the images they are portrayed in are also artificial.

Modeling agencies have for such a long time taking advantage of the susceptibilities of female vulnerability. Their instinctive need for love and acceptance from the male gender be it their fathers, husbands, or boyfriends. They are starved for affirmation and the best way the world has found it appropriate to “develop” confidence in women and girls is by attacking them at their weakest point and then convincing them that they are not worthy or good enough.

If this doesn’t sound familiar, let me remind you that Satan preyed on Eve’s own desires and drew out of her a rebellion based on insecurities.

What the world has to offer, while very appealing to the eye, is a moral decay of the souls of individuals and subsequently society. They give an insight into the depravity of man with very little explanation. Whether they are sexually explicit images, murderous, or even those exalting beauty. They are placing subliminal understanding into the brain of the viewer. They are planting the world’s view in your subconscious and giving you an unhealthy and unrealistic view. It certainly isn’t part of the view or plan that God has created for mankind.

Yet so much of the world depends on technology to connect while disconnecting from each other and most importantly from God.
Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee, and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.”

Jeremiah 1:5

I want to touch on a couple of issues that affect everyone, especially when they are trying to discover themselves and their full potential. Your identity and acceptance. Who you are as an individual has been established even before your conception and birth into this world. You have been blessed with abilities and gifts that are unique to your personality and specific purpose in God’s plan for your life and how you are to influence those around you.

The modern world is bent on destroying independent and individual human potential through the acceptance of its agendas. We have been witnessing this for over many decades, but has come into full view over the period of the last 30-40 years and has begun to pick up momentum in the last 20-30.

Today not only many young men and women, but children come from either broken homes, are being or have been raised in either a fatherless environment or one in which either parent was absent. Making them even that much more susceptible to negative influences. A lot of what will influence their world views, choices, and their pursuit of God will come from a third person opinion over social media or social movements and trends.

Today we have hundreds if not thousands of young people who are suffering from gender and sexual confusion, not because they are in fact gay or lesbian; but because they have had to grow up in an environment that has not given them the appropriate role models. The terms gay or lesbian are arbitrarily used. A lot of the people engaging in these lifestyles do so only as a means to try to alleviate loneliness or as escapism for something deeper that tends to be missing about themselves. They fail to identify with the opposite sex or even their own gender for various social anxieties and reasons. In the decades before the 2000s, the exploration into identification for young people came through mentor-ship from parents and strong moral leadership. This aspect of society has been replaced with much more undesirable alternatives.

The trends that have infiltrated society are not only seeking acceptance, they are creating an environment based on this same acceptance to persuade. While most of the popular trends and lifestyles may seem harmless to the general populace, they are in fact contributing to social and moral decline. They can be found in every aspect of society and are equipped with what they call valid arguments for their purpose or cause. Most of which contain anti-God sentiment. In that same view, there is a great disposition to change the face of society into the image of a more secular and depraved. They are in fact accomplishing this by appealing to the youth and newly emancipated generations both in secondary education and in colleges.

The deception is one in which they claim to understand the problems of the young and offer them their own choices and opportunities to decide for themselves. A lot of these life-altering choices come in the form of their sexuality, choices about abortion, or the so called “ reproductive rights”. Often we see the two overlappings although one has little to do with the other in regards to gender and self-identity. However, higher rates of promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, and unwanted pregnancies are reported from the gay and lesbian communities.

These “freedoms” have little to do with what’s best for the individual, they don’t seem to be solving the identity crisis, the fatherless crisis or any other form of personal life struggles the individual may have.

They certainly don’t address their psychological or spiritual needs, instead, they send many young people even further the wrong path and they utilize their own free will against them.

The truth of it is that they are stemmed from much older concepts of emancipation and enlightenment, and are not all together absconding from tyrannical imposition, but rather self-appointed righteousness established out of disbelief in God. The evolution of these concepts is what drives the modern ideologies behind the bending of social norms that are manifesting today and even influence political world views.

Of course they do not get to such high and critical debates and accolades without the acceptance of their ideas and even agendas at the more basic level of society. The smallest areas of resistance for social norms, including those of gender, gender equality, beliefs, and political correctness, each playing into this much larger much influential movement.

The importance of these issues will affect your life, even if you yourself are not engaged in any of these areas. Which poses the question? Do you know who you are?

What is your purpose and what are the characteristics of your identity? Are they established in the world’s agenda and deception? Or are they solidified in the undying truth of God?

Your identity goes beyond what your appearance looks like in the mirror. It is something that transcends the physical and in fact is rooted at the core of your understanding of the truth. In the previous segment, we discussed the misinterpretation of the truth in social media as well as the trends it establishes in societies.

But how much of what you see on television and the Internet is actually making its way into your mind and heart? Where do you draw the line between entertainment(if you can call it that) and influence?

Despite the trends and acceptance of various opinions by the majority of your peers are you able to distinguish your identity from what the world is telling you, who you should be?

More importantly, one must understand that the direction in which they are going and what that means for youth not only in this country but worldwide. The face of the church is rapidly changing, and not altogether for the greater good and the fulfillment of God’s purposes here on earth.

The same factions that are in actuality in the minority and whose voice is currently inflaming society, have also set their sights on making their presence know in God’s community.

More and more we see parochial institutions adapting their worship services to accommodate the acknowledgment of flawed individuals who are living in moral contempt of God’s will in place of God Himself. A lot of this is based on the notion by the secular world that these parochial institutions are not as accepting as what the word of Christ has them claiming to be and many of the churches are caving under the pressure. Not because they truly exemplify what the bible describes as unconditional love and acceptance of your brethren, but rather to meet their own need for acceptance in the communities that surround them. These types of churches are falling into the Pharisee mentality that caused division and abandonment in Jesus’ time and are an active role in what will become the apostasy.

If you were to look up the word parochial, in the examples of the definition or synonyms used for the word, you can find the description of being narrow-minded, intolerant, and illiberal. These words all hold such heavy and negative connotations. In using these words to describe the church, we can clearly see a very aggressive stance against biblical statutes, simply by implying that they are incorrect based on what they believe.

Many more will argue that belief systems cannot be proven correct, some have even been bold enough to claim the Bible as mythology and unreliable, suggesting that people are subjected to an organized opinion in place of logic. Little is acknowledged in regards to what the Lord himself proclaims as being the most important set of standards he has set upon man-kind through not only the ten commandments but other commandments he instructs us to fulfill. Rather, much of the secular world due to its ignorance and right out disobedience is reconstructing God in their image.

Here is where it is critical to understand that the world’s perspective of identity and purpose has marred the word acceptance. There is a clear distinction between the acceptance of God, which teaches in loving your neighbor and hating sin, and the acceptance and tolerance of the world.

And the second is like, namely this, Thou Shalt love they neighbor as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these

Now accept the one who is weak in faith, but not to pass judgment on his opinions.
Romans 14:1

Both of these pieces of scripture narrate the love, compassion, and understanding we should have for each other as a token of acceptance. God’s acceptance of us as sinners is different than the way the world views acceptance. God accepts us the way we are, but it is his will that our hearts and minds become transformed. His judgment does not derive out of what our likes and dislikes are, but rather our acceptance of sin over his undying love and mercy. He calls on us, each one at their appointed time to connect and identify with him. We are transformed from our sinfulness to his righteousness through Jesus who redeemed us at the cross.

In our love and acceptance of Christ, we are also called to teach others into learning, that they may discover their identity and purpose through Christ.

When Christians claim not to judge and leave a person who is weak in faith alone to their own sinfulness, they are ignoring their call to the great commission. Confusing it with passing judgment on personal choices, many misunderstand and fail to realize that we are still called to the judgment of the sins that are taking place here on earth. The secular world, because of their limited understanding of the word of God, likes to take statements like these and use them against the faith.

The world’s view on the definition of acceptance is not based on any set of moral statues, but on a wide range of indulgences that allow the sinner to continue to walk in their own sinfulness. Concentrating instead on the fleeting and elusive desires of the flesh or worldly indulgences.

This is one, if not the prime reason we are to be secure in our own identities in Christ. This is essential to the restructuring of society through a revival because it begins in the hearts of God’s people.

We are to give hope to future generations, but that will not come without much work and effort from the larger Christian community as a whole.
And ye shall teach them your children, speaking of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, when thou liest down, and when thou risest up

Deuteronomy 11:19

The importance of family and fellowship is greatly encouraged in the word of God, it is the method of implementing the skills required for a successful life and development of faith. It is also one of the most targeted areas of life.

There is much to be said about the pro-choice agenda and its instrumental role in not only destroying human life, which is in and of itself a God-given gift. The greater ramifications that we as a society face are in the devastation of all families. The breaking of familial authoritative standards will come in contact with your generation. As more and more homes become broken, the children of these homes will lack the direction and love needed to form healthier and stronger societies of their own.

The family unit serves a multitude of purposes in the plans God has for his people.

Abraham was given Issac , who was given Jacob. From there all of the nations of the world were created. Matthew 1:1-17 lays it out perfectly. From their description we learn the origins of Jesus and what it really means to have a lineage. We have a heavenly lineage in Christ and therefore it is a priority for the devil to want to destroy the life of man. The pro-choice movement is a horrible and blatant affront to God’s design for life.

The great majority of abortions are out of convenience rather than medical urgency. Their blood is upon the inhabitants of this nation in either of two ways. Those who practice it and condone it and those who choose to do nothing.

This is a grave and critical truth, but perhaps the most dangerous aspect is the disobedience to God’s commandments, most notably “Thou Shalt Not Kill”. The only god is the giver of life and we have absolutely no right to destroy what we ourselves cannot create outside of his will.

In the ancient world, many who had turned away from God committed the atrocity of child sacrifice to pagan gods like Moloch. While this sin in an of its own is a great one, it is perhaps the reasoning behind it that incurred the indiscriminate wrath of God; they sacrificed them to false gods.

Breaking away with one of the most vital parts of the commandments, the first commandment.

>I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”

>Exodus 20:1

Yea, they sacrificed their sons and daughters to demons.

Psalm 106:37

It is not only that we violate these commandments in ending life, we also partake in the dismantling of God’s church. Everyone who is born into this world is a gift from God because we are given the ability to create and to serve purposes for his kingdom. Something that without family, simply could not be carried out.

From one generation to the next we are instructed to raise an army of God’s fearless warriors for worship and spiritual warfare. There is much incentive for the devil to destroy families and children born to families. Just as he used Herod to try to destroy the infant Christ and Pharaoh to try to destroy Moses.

We are to carry the light of our faith and to pass it on to our decedents so that they too may love and fear the Lord. Family is our lifeline and our grounding, where we learn what love looks like and who we are not just as individuals but bible believing followers of the Messiah.

It is when we break these bonds that we break a multitude of commandments. The first, the sixth, the seventh, but most importantly the fifth. In doing so we are purposefully disobeying God and therefore guilty of breaking away with his will.

Love your families, they are your only barrier between yourself and the world, subject yourself unto God’s will even in the most difficult of circumstances. That is not to say that there aren’t any of you who don’t suffer at the hands of your family. Seek godly leaders who are eager to help and point you into the arms of your Saviour and Redeemer. Who heals all wounds of the soul, mind, and body.

Love is not the world, and it will one day pass away, but God’s word will always endure and it will lead you to where you need to be.

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